Kemp Lear – Testimonial


I just want to follow up on our recent excursion to Newfoundland to hunt moose with you. I’ve been in any number of outfitted hunting camps, but I’ve never experienced anything as comfortable and family-like as I did on our visit to Chuck’s Pond. We had a week of mostly horrid high winds and rain, but we still had opportunities and even managed to bring one moose into the bag for the week. Tom and Raleigh were great guides, and saw to every individual need imaginable – including an extraordinary level of patience with me and my new knee! We’ll look like an aberration on your success sheet, but we saw game every day we hunted and cashed in on our only really good chance. And you have, in Vivian, the best camp cook in Newfoundland without a doubt. Meals were fresh, hot and delicious. We all enjoyed some of the traditional “Newfie” fare!

I’m already planning my next trip to hunt with you.

Kemp Lear

Nichols Outfitting

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