Rocky Hunt 2021

Would like to say short, to hunters who is looking for great time and excellent hunts. I’ll been hunting in Europe, USA and Canada and this was my best hunting trip. All service, which was provided by Dashwood outfitters was 10 star Rating, and I will never forget. The most important thing was, how hard Dashwood Outfitters are trying to put you on the game in my situation-Moose. When I was hunting moose weather was 1 star rating every day heavy rain and winds, but you can see guys me on the picture with Huge trophy, this tells how Excellent Dashwood outfitters are. Food 10 star Lodging 10 star Weather 1 star Dashwood outfitters team 10 star.

Only weather, too much rain. But funny thing is, after my hunt nice and sunny😉

Rocky (GA)


Shawn Canning

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