Dashwood Outfitting

Dashwood Outfitting is a family owned and operated Newfoundland Moose hunting fly-in outfitting service. The Lodge, located at Chuck’s pond in the heart of Newfoundland’s moose and caribou country, is an ecological reserve for the pine martin, giving you a public-free and undisturbed hunting experience. The reserve has a healthy moose population throughout, with many woodland caribou herds migrating our area, as well as some of the largest black bears in our province. We offer you the ultimate opportunity to harvest some of Newfoundland’s choice big game, with the potential to qualify for Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young recognition.


Our Pilots and Guides

Our pilots and guides are experienced, knowledgeable, and professional. You don’t have to take our word, hear it from hunters like you.

Fly-In Only Access

Our Chuck’s Pond lodge in Newfoundland’s interior is only accessible by plane. No public, no disturbances, just you and the game.

Our Clients

With a very high moose harvest success rate, and a near-perfect caribou harvest rate, our clients can’t help but be satisfied. Hear it from them.

Jeremy Mitchell – Owner / Operator

Guiding has become a second nature to me. While living briefly in Ontario as a child, my long solo snowmobile endeavors ended up coming across a lost group of Americans, and after leading them safely home, I received my first tip. Experiencing gratitude and a sense of accomplishment, guiding became my passion. After moving back to NL as an early teenager, I began guiding numerous groups into western NL’s backcountry. Opening up my own guiding business as a teenager, I excelled in snowmobile tours, fly fishing excursions, and remote moose hunting trips.

As life progressed and the pursuit of making money, the oilsand’s life became a reality with guiding taking a backseat. As with many things in life, I made drastic changes and found myself right back in western NL as a Pastor. After guiding once again for a local outfitter, guiding became a passion and a pursuit. I then started working with my good friend, Greg Samms to provide top quality hunts in Western Newfoundland. I have a love for archery and take pride in the exhilarating experience of close encounters with giant Eastern Canadian Moose, big black bears, and the majestic woodland caribou.

I find myself interested in fly fishing, mainly for the glorious Atlantic Salmon. I pride myself in tying my own flies, especially my personal pattern of the Silver Bull Moose. I enjoy playing many musical instruments, talking about the goodness of God, and spending time with my wife and four daughters. And to add fuel to the blaze, I love to be in the epic pursuit of that trophy bull moose.

Greg Samms – Owner / Operator

Hard work and attention to detail as proven to be successful for me. Growing up on a large dairy and broiler chicken farm as engraved those traits into my everyday life. Farming served my family well over the years but my biggest passion in life is hunting and pretty much anything else related to outdoor adventures. The year 2007 I took the step into the Tourism Industry and purchased a hunting lodge that offered Moose, Woodland Caribou and Black Bear hunting packages. Like the saying nothing comes easy in life was also true for my first few years of business. I had to rely so much on my farming work ethic and keeping working away at my goals and believing in myself and new business. Today I am proud to say I built up a great business in the Outfitting sector of Tourism. I believe in offering an honest hunt and providing the very best to my clients in the things I have control off. Dashwood Outfitting is one of best hunting destinations for Newfoundland big game hunting.

I love to hunt and been more into archery hunting the past number of years and we love to host archery hunters at the lodge. Fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon is another passion and along with snowmobiling in the winter helps to fill the void till hunting season.

All year long though I love being a great dad to my beautiful daughter and committed husband to my wife Katrina. They are the reason I work so hard in the hunting industry and I know they support me fully in all that I do.

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