Dashwood Outfitting

Dashwood Outfitting is a family owned and operated Newfoundland Moose hunting fly-in outfitting service. The Lodge, located at Chuck’s pond in the heart of Newfoundland’s moose and caribou country, is an ecological reserve for the pine martin, giving you a public-free and undisturbed hunting experience. The reserve has a healthy moose population throughout, with many woodland caribou herds migrating our area, as well as some of the largest black bears in our province. We offer you the ultimate opportunity to harvest some of Newfoundland’s choice big game, with the potential to qualify for Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young recognition.


Our Pilots and Guides

Our pilots and guides are experienced, knowledgeable, and professional. You don’t have to take our word, hear it from hunters like you.

Fly-In Only Access

Our Chuck’s Pond lodge in Newfoundland’s interior is only accessible by plane. No public, no disturbances, just you and the game.

Our Clients

With a very high moose harvest success rate, and a near-perfect caribou harvest rate, our clients can’t help but be satisfied. Hear it from them.

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